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Summertime Dancing

This time of year beauty media, whether online or in magazines, tout the best way to get shapely or fit legs to show off during the warm, sunny weather days of Summer. I have always believed it was my many years of dance that made my legs look lean and muscular. Some experts have said it is movement that keeps the cellulite away. Basically, any fat you store does not settle into one spot below the skin. For me, any kind of dance has to be the most fun way to keep moving!

According to, you burn about 221 calories each 30 minutes of dancing. I can see this being true with up-tempo music in salsa or ballroom dancing as well as tap dancing. Depending on the type of ballet class you take it may have less cardio. Many ballet classes focus on form which helps build muscles. Either way you can get lean muscle mass all over just by dancing a couple of times a week!

Ballroom dance classes are usually available year round especially at studios catering that style of dance. However, as a ballet and tap dancer I have found it difficult to find adult classes during the Summer months. I am happy to see Oregon Ballet Theatre announce their Summer adult evening classes starting June 23rd. Class times work well for those working without taking up too much of your evening.

Visit OBT’s website for more details: OBT Adult Summer Classes