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Recital Time! What's in Your Bag?

Spring is here which means it is time for performers to show their stuff at a recital. As a dancer, during this time I would make sure my dance bag contained a few essentials beside dance shoes and my arsenal of stage makeup. Here are my go-to items:

  • Antiperspirant because I sweat instead of “glisten” under those lights.
  • Hand towel in case need of wiping off shoes/costumes or sweat from my brow.
  • Small sewing kit (needle & thread) for any last minute costume or shoe fixes.
  • Extra: shoe strings, elastic for ballet slippers, bobby pins, safety pins.
  • A snack, especially during rehearsals.


There are a lot of things to bring but these items tend to stay in by dance bag at all times. Well, except for the snack which I try to keep light and healthy. In the past, I would bring a protein bar but I now have to watch my sugar intake. Veggies and fruit are always a good snack as long as you have a way to dispose them!

I’ve known dancers who like to have extra pair of tights or use body spray. My warning on body spray is only use it if no one around you has allergies! Are there any other items you bring along? And for those who do not like to sew with needle and thread: bobby pins will fix anything.