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New Blog: Talking About Dance and Performing on Stage

Hi there!

Kdancer Shadow dancer modeled after Karen’s ballet photo. Chris Anderson, photographer.

Have you ever wondered who that shadow dancer figure was on the Dee’s Dance Design website? It is a real person and it is in fact me, Karen. Some of you may already know me and others simply as Dee’s daughter. I’ve been taking dance classes since I was five years old. Dance has helped shape my life influencing me whether or not I am in a class or performing.

Dee’s Dance Design supplies the means for individuals to pursue their performance dreams. For over 20 years, Dee has provided dance shoes and apparel for performers in the Portland area. With this new blog on Dee’s site, I will be sharing my love of dance, tips I’ve learned, and experiences performing on stage. Along the way I’ll share news of what is happening at the store and around Portland. Taking dance classes has enriched my life and given me confidence. It is about time I start sharing my experiences with dancers and anyone performing for others.