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De-stress Those Muscles!

We all know cold temperatures are hard on our muscles while dancing (and exercising) and that is why we wear our extra layers. Dancers start their warm-up period with extra layers such as leg warmers and sweater wraps. Warmer temperatures may reduce the chances of injury caused by muscles not warmed up enough for high levels of movement but they still can get over stressed.

Each time you dance you are building strength which involves the muscles tearing and re-building themselves. A lot of nutrients and cell building materials build up those muscles which is why it is most important to drink that water to keep things moving properly in your body. However, all the water in the world is not going to help the pain we feel while our muscles are going through their transformation.

One of my all-time favorite ways to reduce muscle pain is soaking in a warm bath Epsom salts. These salts magnesium sulfate which is known to work like a sedative for our nervous system while regulating those busy enzymes (proteins that sustain life). There are many brands creating spa experiences with Epsom salt. For the budget minded, any generic brand at any price will work. Just 2 cups of Epsom salts in a warm bath will help relieve sore muscles.

I personally enjoy Dr Teal’s with Lavender after a hard workout or dance class. While the salts are doing there thing the aroma of lavender helps relax you. Also, lavender is one of my favorite scents! Even if you are not bought how Epsom salt can reduce stress, it is good at clearing your skin of access oils and increasing the time to heal wounds. After many years of soaking in Epsom salt I can vouch for that last statement.

*Caution when using Epsom salts: Individuals with diabetes or heart disease, consult with your doctor before using.

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