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Danshuz Split Sole Ballet

Ballet slippers come in a variety of styles typically made in either leather or canvas. Both fabrics are durable, however, from my own personal experience leather lasts longer. Canvas can cost less but depending on how often you dance, sooner or later they will start to fray or holes start to appear. Leather is not only more durable but it will form to the shape of your foot. Having a form fitting ballet slipper is comfortable and functional for a dancer.

Danshuz Split Sole Ballet Slipper SKU: 396


Dance shoe and apparel company Danshuz offers a ballet slipper that has the typical soft, stretchy leather at the front and spandex at the back of the slipper. This design gives you the durability of leather around the toes and balls of your feet while offering extra stretch for comfort at your heels. One of the benefits of split soles is that they allow you more room and flexibility to reach your full potential when pointing your toes. The spandex at the back of the slipper provides more stretch and movement without losing the shape of the ballet slipper.

Danshuz split sole ballet slipper (sku 396) comes with a pre-sewn elastic strap and a soft inner sole. These ballet slippers are ideal for those who prefer to dance without tights.

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