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Counting Inventory


It’s that time of year to count and verify inventory. After the move, keeping track of items in their locations helps, too. Scanning bar codes to count items makes the task go fast, but for items without codes some extra help from inventory counting software simplifies the process and reduces errors.

Organizing into small sections, such as a shelving unit within a room, reduces errors with recounts. The extra benefit is also being able to find where an item had been counted at. Looking up the locations of a counted item could include finding out how many are in storage and need to be brought in to the store. Each shelf has been tagged with a name and code to identify it within the counting software.

For counting inventory, Dee uses Dee Count for iPad and iPhone with the aid of a wireless bar code scanner. Using the iPhone’s camera works, too, but the bar code scanner reaches into tight places and scans faster. As the original product tester, Dee has put the app through its paces and provided insight on making it easier for her to review the totals.


Counts can be incremented or decremented, and a log helps review recent counts.

Below is a brief video demonstrating counting by scanning bar codes using the iPhone camera.

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